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We would like to introduce our company Jai Offset Printers and offer you our services in the field of printing. Established 18th August 1994 Jai Offset Printers have come a long way and are amongst the top printers in the region.
There are many reasons why our clients come back us and we are proud of the fact that most of our new clients have come forward through word of mouth. Some of the strengths that have helped us achieve continuous success in the field of printing are mentioned below:

  Top Quality Infrastructure
  3 Automated International Printing Machines
  Full Camera Techniques
  Complete Cutting and Binding Unit
  20 Experienced & Diligent Staff
  Over 25 years of experience in Offset Printing



Sure, your layouts might be tip-top and your typography skills may well be 'awesome', but all of these skills will mean next-to-nothing if the printed result comes back looking less than perfect. But don't panic! In this article we’ll walk through a handy checklist of the principal things you need to think about when preparing artwork for print. Break down some of those knowledge barriers between graphic design and printing, and feel confident in creating documents that look as good on paper as on your screen!


We assume that the material to be printed is ready at this point, meaning, the design, layout, and digital files are ready for printing. These graphic images must be transferred to the plates, usually made of aluminum. To do this, the file is first created into film negatives. Then, light is used to transfer the images to the plate, through exposure. A chemical reaction makes it possible to transfer the images to the plates using special ink.


When the plates are ready, we can go to step 2, which is the press run. Here, rolls of paper to be used are fed continuously through the press while the plates transfer ink from the rollers to the paper at a certain speed.
There are two types of rollers – one used with water and another with ink. Each type roll over the plates, first with water and next with ink. Because water and inks do not mix, inks are transferred effectively. Water also keeps the ink from touching the part of the plates with no images. However, inks are not transferred directly from the plates to the paper, but to rubber blankets, which then transfer the inks to the paper. This is why this printing process is called “offset.”


The post press work involves finishing and binding. Once the printing job is completed, next we have to cut precisely to the size, fold and bind for the finished item.Our highly skilled team of technicians supervises over the process to ensure all client requirements are met with perfection. Chances of errors are eliminated to continuously updating and modernizing the finishing process. Adjustable capacity, technological advancements and modern set-up have allowed us to manage project requirements of any size and maintain very high qualities. Our post press services include the following.


There is a huge demand for customized packaging material in the packaging industry. The packaging unit of JK OFFSET Printing, printing company Okhla(DELETE), is capable of producing large quantity of packaging material to cater to the growing demand in the industry. We have efficient packaging material producing unit capable of producing more than large number of packaging items a day. The division is equipped with the latest tools and equipments, including Heidelberg die-cutter, Yoco foil stamper/die cutter and gluers.


We offer finishing processes like stitching, glueing, trimming and folding, as well individual and group packaging. We have three Muller Martini saddle-stitchers, Kolbus - perfect binding line and three-knife trimmer, Smyth book sewing machine, two folding machines, two guillotines, packaging machines and other.



We are here to serve your printing needs in related to your business. Join our ever growing satisfied customer list...

Dedication towards our work, thus our motto..Perfection With Efficiency

We will be grateful if you give us an opportunity to provide our services to your company. It will be an honour to add your company to the list of our esteemed clients. We assure you that if given the opportunity to handle your printing jobs, we at Jai Offset Printers will provide you with the best results and endeavour to give your company unmatched quality time and time again. We believe is maintaining and developing business relations with all our clients and work in unison with our clients.


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